You did WHAT?! ASmileADay #84

This may well be one of those…not really funny comments in hindsight BUT this is what happened yesterday.

Walking through one of the many new, light and airy shopping malls in Birmingham UK, I was busy minding everybody’s business when I witnessed this gem.

Picture it. 3 teenagers. 17/18 ish. 2 female with 1 male in the middle. T-shirts, jeans, trainers. You get the picture but they were not locked into dangley earplugs or consulting their phones, they were talking to each other.

As I got close enough to hear the conversation between the two girls they became agitated.

The body language of all three changed in an instant.

Girl 1: You did WHAT?

Girl 2: Well…

Girl 1: You slept with my DAD!

Boy: U-oh…

Girl 2 : Only once…

I resisted the urge to turn around and follow then to listen to the rest of the conversation,

I just hope they managed to resolve the fallout of this revelation without any serious harm…

Okay, maybe it wasn’t so funny after all.




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