Who says the French will eat anything? ASmileADay #62

If I had to sum up my daily ongoing delightful culinary experience that is lunchtime in France it would be CHOICE!

I once j0ked that if it stood still long enough to be shot, it could appear on the menu ๐Ÿ™‚

Yesterday’s fare at one my local eateries (there are 18 in the village) included: Papillote de poissons, navarin d’agneau, canard a la orange andย  saute de porc, pesto. So that’s fish, duck, lamb and pork.

I had the duck. DELICIOUS.

canard a la orange However I did notice something that didn’t seem to be on the menu….

Slow roasted child ;-)

Slow roasted child?! At least they have a fan handy to speed up the cooking?!





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