Who lives here? Check out the knick knacks. ASmileADay#107

When visiting new friends it is always interesting to peruse their knick knacks.

Figurines from the Canaries. Miniature Sombreros from…well could be anywhere really.

Family photographs depict hatch, match but not dispatch. But the focus is still mainly on holidays.

Very often you cannot guess the occupation of the occupant by looking around.

So I was particularly intrigued when I spotted this little gem alongside the television set.

I couldn’t place where it might have come from. What did it represent?

So I asked my hostess.

‘Oh,’ she smiled. ‘My husband was a dentist. One of his patients had it made for him.’

‘A dentist with a sense of humour!! I hope…

Dentist humour

Now this won’t hurt a bit…

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