Tour de Cannes ASmileADay #106

So there I was enjoying a lovely, proper salad Nicoise and thinking just how lovely ( I know twice) peaceful it was when suddenly I was surrounded!

I slowly looked up as I recognised the clickety clack of boot studs on a tiled floor.

Boy, they sure were vocal for a couple of cyclists.

Why weren’t they out of breath?

tour de cannes1I tried to take another picture but the blighter moved too fast. Hence the blurring!

tour de cannes2And then came more. Eight in total.

Chatter, chatter. No pause for breath.

tour de cannes3Fit as fiddles. The lot of them.





I tried to gauge their average age.

No idea except they all had grey hair.

If ever there was an advert for the national sport.

Vive le Tour de Cannes 🙂



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