Too French! ASmileADay #108

I have a bad habit. I nod agreeably, in earnest. I respond to body language. I reciprocate.

This would be fine if I was always in tune with the person regaling me with…what?

You see this is how it happens. Someone starts talking to me in French and I understand so I nod.

Up norf

However before I know where I am they have continued at break neck speed and I am still two sentences behind.

Today was one of those days.

But I have learned two things over the last twelve months of which I am very proud ( So un-English)

I am a lot more patient and I almost always think before I speak.

So when my French acquaintance paused for breath, seeing my glazed ( two sentences behind) look.

She asked:  Too fast?

To which I very nearly replied: Nope. Too French!

But you can be proud of me. I merely grimaced, looked confused and ran…

Ha! Got you there! Of course I didn’t run. I sauntered, waving, smiling and wondering…

Is it possible to have French lessons in your sleep. I could fit them in then!

p.s. Yes I do have a real fire. This photo was taken in West Yorkshire.


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