A Mouse in the Vinaigrette

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Laura Bennett has had a varied life so far. Some even find it hard to believe…

26  tales from a live-in housekeeper/cook/carer.

Each one has the story of a unique life, from heart-warmingly funny to painfully sad. The constant in all these lives is that no one has the life in old age that they expected. How did it come to this? An expression I heard over and over again. The only regrets seemed to be about things they hadn’t done. Few regretted things they had done.

With hopefully, some useful pointers along the way, this book will delight all age groups. Ageism needs to be tackled early on because by the time you get there…it’s too late.


No humans, not even men, or animals, even mice, were harmed during the making of this book.

Original cover design by the one and only Simon Birch.




Be sure of one thing. If you take a job as a live-in carer, you will be privy to many a tale of the unexpected. But you will never be bored.

At least, this is what you tell yourself when you start crossing off the days until you leave, on the kitchen calendar, just like a hostage…


Some sample chapter headings.

1.  If the agency had sent a photo, I would have asked them not to send you.

2.   Stepford Wives are alive and well on the Riviera.

Or at least they were in 1995.

3.      Miss Babs.

4      Don’t open any windows. All the frames are rotten.

5.     Hat, scarf, gloves, goodnight.

6.      Helpful friends. Stop her meds, she’ll be dead in about 10 days.

7.      You sure you know what you are doing with that syringe?

8.     You look whacked. Go and lie down, I’ll bring you a cup of tea.

9.    A Mouse in the Vinaigrette   

10.     Midnight chocolate nibbler

11.      The Spirit of Christmas

12.      Taps and tackle.

13.       A Vision in White.

14.       Hove, actually.

15.       Just tell him, goodbye.

16.       Phone your mother. Tell her, you are getting married next week.

17.       I had the bathroom re-tiled after my son shot himself in there.

18.       We’re off home now. Thank you for having us.

19.       Short term memory. Nil.

20.       Sherry by street light.

21.       Just Winifred

22.       Rose.

23.       Pets: Brandy.

24.        Pets: Rosie the golden retriever

25.       Work for a celebrity.

26.       Vignettes.



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