Thanks to Speidi, I now know there can never be world peace.

It was excruciating but once I started I couldn’t stop.

Night after night I tuned in to see if the  American couple known collectively as Speidi were…for real? Which, at the end of it all, even they didn’t seem to know. Heidi and Spencer Pratt ( yep!) were asked more than once. Were you acting all the time? Were you ever yourselves? Obviously too difficult as neither of them ever answered the question. They simply looked blank and trolled out some whiny comments about how difficult it had all been. Diddums.

Now I know why Americans feel they need guns. Okay. I’ll stop right there. Not all Americans, obviously. I really shouldn’t generalize. So, what I really mean is this. If you wake up every morning or go into the Big Brother house, thinking the world is against you and that you have no intention of making new friends…you are well and truly fu**** aka SAD.

However obnoxious Speidi’s behaviour was in the Big Brother house and whatever they said was for me, eclipsed by a comment from Spencer after their eviction. It went something like this. Spencer: I don’t have many friends.
This was greeted by some derisory snorts from the studio audience (and me). He even acknowledged them and continued to say, in a tone that implied this was a good thing, that his very few friends were people he had known all his life. Even saying, since the maternity ward. WTF?

Sorry, but honestly…

Right… back to the point. He then reminded us all that he had no intention or desire to make ‘friends’ in the house. He/they/Speidi went there to win. Interaction with fellow housemates was apparently way beyond anything they felt ( I use this word lightly) able to consider.

I know I should be feeling sorry for them. They miss out on so much. They give bitter and twisted a bad name…

No chance for world peace? Well, yes, because if there are many more individuals on this planet so totally unfeeling and lacking in any compassion for others as this pair, we are doomed.

The other four remaining housemates did a remarkable job of self restraint. They must have been dying to let rip but did not lower themselves to Speidi’s level.

Never mind the Big Brother house, I’d love to be a fly on a few of the housemate’s walls, now 🙂

I’d like to share my philosophy with Heidi and Spencer but I am pretty sure it would be greeted with more hostile looks.

But here it is anyway: Strangers are merely friends we haven’t met yet.

So, somebody please stick a flower in Speidi’s rifle and explain to them that it is okay to be warm and friendly.

It won’t kill you!





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