Thanks to a true friend. ASmileADay #71

True friends can make you smile just by saying something funny that sticks in your mind and then pops up when you need a laugh.

Here is one of all time favourites:

Like a lot of people I am nervous when birds are flying around me. Paradoxically I don’t like to see them in cages but there you go…

Right. So. I am on the phone to my friend in England and I am admiring the view from my third floor window.

There is a small as in impossible to sit on, wrought iron balcony.

Impossible that is unless you are a bird. Mainly pigeons.

We were chatting away when I suddenly realise that one of our feathered friends seemed to be headed straight for me!

Alfred Hitchcock has a lot to answer for, and I haven’t even seen the film!

However. Large bird approaching at 12 o clock. ‘ARGH!’ I scream down the phone.

‘What on earth’s the matter?’ my friend says.

I explain.

To which he calmly replies.’ Is it carrying a can of kerosene and a box of matches?’

‘Er, no.’

‘Well, you’re probably all right then…’





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