Stoopid Hoomans #ASmileADay #41

Today’s smile is brought to you courtesy of my very good friends, Mart & Ian from a not too distant planet.

They have their own blog rather unkindly (but accurately) entitled: Stoopid Hoomans.

Mart: They don’t realise do they?

Ian: Nope.

Mart: No one has noticed?

Ian: *sigh*

Mart: And meanwhile the big pharmas are laughing all the way to the bank…

Ian: Not to mention taking mind control over…

Mart and Ian in unison: Stoopid hoomans!

Intergalatic laughter ensues.

Mart: So just to clarify. There are two brothers and one suffers with heartburn and the other suffers with…

Ian and Mart together: Indigestion!

Ian: So tell us, Mart, what do these fine specimens of homo sapiens do?

Mart: They take medication.

Ian: Instead of eating at leisure or not eating indigestible foods.

Mart: Yep. I think this is worthy of the planet’s wisest human’s catchphrase. Ready?

Ian nods.

Mart and Ian together: D’oh!

Ian: Just one technical point mate, I don’t think Homer Simpson is a humanoid.

Mart: But his voice is!

Ian: Ah…


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