Me no speak da lingo. ASmileADay #54

This is proof, in case any were needed.

Why do I try to learn another language when I am still struggling with my mother tongue…

In a new area for one week I asked about local amenities.

Our conversation went like this.

Him: Yes there are shops within walking distance.

Me: Oh that’s good.

Him: And a couple of cafes.

Me: Always good. (Although not desperate to go out with this assignment)

Him: And we have a…(now here is what he said) SPAR.

What I heard was, SPA.

Me: Ooh great do they have a sauna? I love saunas.

Him: *Blank look followed by a slow smile.*

Me: Oh. *utter disappointment* THAT kind of Spar!

Him: Yes. A corner shop.


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