Oh the irony…ASmileADay #76

Friend (until she reads this) : I know what I could do!

Me: What’s that?

Friend: I could teach Mindfulness classes.

Me: Oh, like Goldie Hawn’s Foundation, where she has been teaching children about the importance of being in the present moment, breathing, relaxing and staying positive.

Friend: Huh? Sorry, what were you saying?



2 Responses to “Oh the irony…ASmileADay #76”

  1. MandyWard

    My health visitor was going on about that. Sounds tricky if you ask me…

  2. HelenDucal

    MandyWard http://thehawnfoundation.org/ Here is the link. I don’t think it is really complicated at all BUT I am sure like most things it is taken on board more easily the younger you are. It becomes a way of life. I would say it is mainly about focusing on ‘the present moment’ and really being aware of what is going on around you. I learned this the hard way last year when I tripped and broke my arm. The cause? I was busy being angry about something so my attention on was on my negative thoughts and not on the the way the stairs turned as I stomped up them! Hope that helps. x


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