Laugh Out Loud! ASmileADay #80

Today’s smile comes courtesy of Australian ‘Betty’.

Let me explain. I spent an amazing six months in the south of France in 1995*

In 2003 I moved to France.

In 2011 I published All Expenses Paid (fact meets fiction) based on *

The main character is called Betty. She is 82 going on 28 😉

Last week, here in the south of France I met ‘Betty’ who comes from Melbourne.

I think she is my character come to life. She would like, quite rightly, to reserve judgement until she has read the book.

Meanwhile she has solved a problem for me that was so obvious most of you may say, of course! But here it is:

I never suffer with writer’s block but I do suffer from being unable to edit my own work.

Betty’s simple answer?

Get your computer to read it back to you.


So simple. 🙂

I even use the text to speech on my kindle but somehow never thought to use it with my work for editing purposes.

Merci, Betty and hurry up and read All Expenses Paid so I can share you with my readers…or not.




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