How to be a Pratt, U.S. style.Celebrity Big Brother UK

First of all I have to question, does the word Pratt not have the same connotation in the US as it does in the UK?

I mean it’s not as though you can turn it to your advantage, like Banghard 😉

Why keep a name that associates with the way you behave, in my opinion.

I have never watched celebrity big brother before but this time I was drawn in by the two Rs.

Rylan and Ryan.

I’m like a child about to discover that Father Christmas really was just made up nonsense…yeah right…he comes down every chimney in the world in one night.  Okay, I’ve never been a fan of the fantasy genre. Give me good, honest science fiction any day. But I digress…

Will my world be shattered if Toadie aka Ryan is not the perfect Neighbour and Rylan is not the most lovable, entertaining, heart on his sleeve, maturing by the moment guy on television?

So far, so good.

What I didn’t bargain for were these two American celebrities who take supercilious to a new level.

Why else would I be up at 5.30 a.m. writing this blog…

Can it simply be a huge culture divide or clever editing on the part of CBB?

Are comments taken out of context to make ‘good’ viewing…?

How old are this couple and are they behaving like spoiled brats to entertain us?

Reminds me of X Factor.

Were we voting for the best singer/potential recording artist or the most entertaining overall…I guess that worked out okay in the end, with the James Arthur’s immense vocal talents winning through whilst Rylan has gone on to be recognised as an all round entertainer.


What I have a problem with and why I should stop watching CBB now is the way we, as curious humans like to see people having a go at each other.


I have seen enough…really.

Rylan is the gay best friend I’d love to hang out with and Ryan is the straight guy equivalent.

But the psychology issue remains and along with it, my curiosity.

The Pratts are so immature and insecure. I know 10 year olds whose behaviour is more in tune with their fellow humans. Why on earth did they join a show that requires team input, never mind spirit? Oh yes, Spencer answered that one. We like money.

And to accuse Rylan of being fake….all I can say is I truly hope all this egotistical, narcissistic, infantile, obnoxious, behaviour of Spencer and Heidi’s is fake for the sake of the show.

Someone has to play the bad guys…right. Isn’t that how it works.

If everyone was assertive and not aggressive would we all change channels?

But then I don’t watch UK soaps anymore for that reason. Negative attitudes towards people and situations. It’s an extremely unhealthy mindset. Unless of course you think a world at war with itself is a good thing.

Neighbours is a cut above UK soaps, particularly EastEnders, which I caught glimpses of over the Xmas period. All snarling and bitter faces. Even the humour had its roots in sarcasm and revenge. Sad.

Any episode of Neighbours has its fair share of conflict. Tempers have flared recently in quite understandable ways BUT for every issue a positive outcome is explored through various characters storylines. It is a pleasure to see such entertaining television with positive outcomes, however long they take.


I maybe not be doing justice to EastEnders but if I can’t stomach more than 20 minutes of verbal backstabbing…then why should I?  Life is too short.

So to Speidi, I say, I really do hope you are brilliant actors and there nice human beings in there somewhere. If not you could get a job in an English soap and do those disdainful looks you do so well…naturally.

Or maybe they could find a place for you in Dallas…no wait, all the ‘bad’ guys in that series are so over the top; we don’t believe them…do we.

Or a simpler solution. Change your name and stop being a Pratt. 😉

3 Responses to “How to be a Pratt, U.S. style.Celebrity Big Brother UK”

  1. Finikketi

    My son took part a few years ago in a documentary/reality tv programme. Bottom line is, they’re in it for entertainment, however educational etc they pretend to be. So, yes, the situations are set up deliberately to cause confrontation or other things that may be perceived as ‘good tv’ and the editing has to be seen to be believed. If the viewer is aware of that, then it probably doesn’t matter. However, I doubt most viewers realise the falseness of so-called reality tv.

    • HelenDucal

      @Finikketi I know, at least part of me does, that it is mostly ‘a set-up’ and doing its job. i.e. keeping us tuning in. However, since I first wrote this blog I have been doing a little research on Speidi. I stopped at Heidi…In an interview about her 10 plastic surgery procedures,costing $30,000 -not a crime, of course-but she said. ‘It was also a spiritual occasion  for me.’ ‘Spiritual?’ The interviewer asks. ‘Yes’, says a solemn Heidi ‘because I almost died, just like Michael Jackson’.  And this is the real Heidi…

      • Finikketi

        @HelenDucal  @FinikketiOf course, one does have to question the sanity of those wishing to participate in such shows (my own son notwithstanding!)…


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