Has The Mentalist lost its magic?

When Red John was finally slain I wondered where the writers of THE MENTALIST would take Patrick Jane.

The storyline was so absorbing and it defined the main character. Could Jane be reinvented successfully?

Initially yes. But now? We appear to have a melange of MONK and JONATHON CREEK.

The basic premise is still there but has it gone soft?  I think so. Will I keep watching?

For now; Simon Baker could read the telephone directory and I would watch, for a while…

Meanwhile NCIS goes from strength to strength.

Last week’s storyline with Abby touched so many deep rooted psyche. Entertainment and informative. Excellent.

This week, Director Vance’s storyline highlighted just how often so called mysteries have a simple answer.

All the characters in NCIS are developing and revealing how multi-layered they are. Aren’t we all?

An underlying theme relevant to both The Mentalist and NCIS are murder of a spouse and revenge.

Whereas Jane was the epitome of the obsessed, vengeful husband at least Gibbs appeared to remain objective and is still haunted but the eventual outcome. No spoilers in case anyone needs to catch up, whereas Jane looked shaken for about 5 mins and then turned into a hop skip and jump, job done, smiler.

I know which message I prefer.

And don’t say, it’s just a tv show.

The power of the small screen should never underestimated.





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