GP humour or insensitive stupidity?

When does your friendly- known you for ages-general practitioner cross the line?

lady in her nineties wants a straight answer. She had stroke four years ago and although her speech is unaffected , her balance is still poor.

She does her exercises religiously ( unlike most people). She’s not a quitter. She is a, glass is half full, kind of person.

And she hates using a walking frame to move about. She feels she should have fully recovered by now.

I love the way some people at ninety plus, ignore their age.

‘So doctor’, she asks.’ Do you think I will ever get back to normal?’

He strokes his chin and his gaze wonders off through the window. It seems the answer lies somewhere in the garden???

Thinking he hasn’t understood her question she tries again. ‘Will I ever walk unaided again?’

As if he has received the right answer by some telepathic means, he declares.

‘Only in your dream life but not in reality.’


Crestfallen is the best word I can use to describe the lady’s expression.

‘How about gardening? I really miss not being able to do my garden…’

‘You could do it lying down.’

Gobsmacked! That’s me.

He then turns to me.

‘Trouble is, she used to be the fastest walker in the village and now she’s the slowest.’


I can see the lady’s cup being practically emptied. She feigns a smile. The first time I’ve seen that.

It’s one thing to be honest and realistic with your answers but in this case I really wanted to scream NOT HELPING, you supercillious *^< *!



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