Every cloud…

NotBad news my best profile to date….

I fractured a bone at the top of my humerus. If ever there was a misnomer.

And so I am  wrapped up like a one armed bandit complete with bullet proof vest. Not really, just the colour reminds me of one. Maybe I should have WRITER written across it somewhere, like whatshisname in Castle, the tv series.

3 weeks like this, says the surgeon and if it heals you won’t need surgery.

Fingers, on my right hand crossed.

Apart from the time consuming, frustration of getting washed, dressed/undressed-socks are the worst-life could be a lot worse. I’m assuming this is only temporary…

The thing I miss the most is my shrug. I mean how can you live in France and not be able to shrug with BOTH shoulders. It looks silly, one sided 😉

However, at least there is a silver lining here. The weather. Okay we had rain all weekend but yesterday and today, it’s like spring.

Normal service has been resumed.

Just as well because the surgeon said, the best you can do is, keep your arm immobile, take painkillers,eat a good diet make sure you get at least 20 minutes sunshine per day. Imagine putting that on a prescription back in Blighty.

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Just what the doctor ordered.

Now if only I can get the speech recognition to work on this da…lovely laptop, I can finish book number 5.


Mature, educated, healing hands…

Who says fun and sex don’t go together…

Will be posting an excerpt here very soon.

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  1. Stella Deleuze

    Oh dear. Helen! Ouch and double ouch! How the heck did you manage that? Of course I would ask, the girl who stumbles on the street and breaks her elbow. lol
    I’m a little jealous of the blue sky and sunshine, but we’ll be there soon, too. Only one more month of winter and then it’s summer (in Stella time, that is). Last year in March we had like 25 degrees. But until then I’ll enjoy the snow. Feel better, my dear.


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