Creative genius may also be mad?!

A recent study has shown that creative people are more likely to have mental health problems. I’m paraphrasing.

Of course the study may and I emphasize may, have been conducted by a load of normal (aka boring) people.

Those lacking imagination find it hard to relate to those who do. I’m speculating.

About 45 years ago my English teacher declared, there is a fine line between genius and madness.

She may have talking about Shakespeare or me but only one of us was in the room at the time.

I like to look back at my 14 yr old self, from time to time, with the aid of essays and poems.

Cheers 😉


I recently found this. On yellowing paper, with the usual signs of more haste, less speed, (lots of crossings out)

I fear my English teacher may have been right.

Please feel free to comment. Although forget ordering the white van…I’m out 😉


1 The stuffed parrot int he cage said, “Hello!”

2 And the mouse chased the cat and ate it.

3 The baby in the pram stood up and began to sing.

4 The car came out of the garage, climbed the stairs and got into bed.

5 The cactus in the hall began to cry, “Water!”

6 All the cigarettes in the country died of cancer

7 A heard of cows rounded up some farmers and put them in a slaughterhouse.

8 The goldfish sat on the sideboard and watched the children swim round.

9 A little boy was splattered against a wall by a moth.

10 And the Prime Minister, tuned in on all electric cookers, declared a national holiday.


I suppose these days, these comments would come under the heading of ‘ No one ever said’.

What do you think?

Btw: It was certainly coke, not red wine.

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  1. JaneneReichertMurphy

    Ha ha! Love them, Helen. Thank goodness we all look at life different ways!


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