Time travel at some stations! ASmileADay #20

Beware of railway stations and time travel 🙂

I was standing, minding my own business ( first time for everything) at University railway station on the outskirts of Birmingham when a young woman wearing white ankle boots, a denim mini skirt and a furry pale blue ‘Parker’, at the other end of the platform, answered her mobile phone.

The platform was inhabited by students and professor look-a-likes.

None of whom were making any sound. It was cold, grey, drizzling…

What followed certainly brightened us all up…even though it was intrinsically sad.


” Yeah, I’m 6 weeks pregnant.” She shouted down her phone.


“No not yours!”

“Course I’m sure.”


“Hey, guess what… I’m 7 weeks pregnant. Ha!”


“Yeah, I might as well have it.”


“No, he doesn’t know.”

Gosh how time flies at railways stations…

Is this funny or sad?

You decide.

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