April fool at the dentist ;-) ASmileADay #60

Had to be done, didn’t it!

When I made my appointment at the dentist for April the 1st, it made me smile.

I often think the best April fool’s that keep people unsure for at least a moment or two are the ones that are plausible.

I was there to have stitches removed after a particularly uncomfortable extraction, ten days earlier.

So I had two jokes to play.

Entering the room I held out my hand with a very long piece of black thread in it.

‘See! thought I would save you the job. Taken the stitches out myself!’

Stunned look on my dentist’s face. Priceless.

Then my extra prank. I revealed the other side of my face. I had stuffed my cheek with cotton wool.

‘I thought the swelling would have gone down by now.’

I tried not to smile.

Now he got it.

I looked at the clock. 11.47.

Just in time.

April fool 😉



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