SUNday is Couscous day at Le Cocon. Tourrettes-sur-Loup ASmileADay #109

Couscous in a cave aka Le Cocon in Tourrettes-sur-Loup, Alpes Maritimes,France.

A truly beautiful day. The sun is shining. Well, it is Sunday and so where I do choose to eat? In a cave ­čÖé

This gives you some idea of the deliciousness that awaits.

This couscous is not the standard, chicken and merguez. Instead we have lamb that just falls off the bone and meat balls with mint.

Naturally there is copious amounts of ┬ásemoule ( gluten free available for an extra 2ÔéČ) and melt in the mouth vegetables.

Chick peas, carrots, courgettes, turnips and butternut squash (pumpkin)It came complete with a side dish of  marinaded sultanas and harissa.

Couscous at Le Cocon

I was lucky to get the last spot. The restaurant is compact and bijou in the nicest sense.

Although dining alone I was assured I could occupy the last available table for …six.

I felt guilty. But I didn’t have to wait long for company.

I was totally engrossed in dipping into the various dishes when I became aware that I was not alone.

I turned to my right to see…yep.┬áTable for two

No need to eat alone. I can wait patiently until you get to the lamb….Needles to say (if you know me) feeding animals at the table?

…Not going to happen. So I devoured almost all that lay before me.Funny how your appetite increases tenfold ┬áwith this particular dish.

Then thinking the cute cat had given up and slunk off I felt movement opposite me.

Table for three

Ah there you are…Nope. Different cat!

So now it was table for three but I was the only one eating.

The thing that puzzle me is this.

There were ten other people in the restaurant all eating the same thing.

Why me?


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