Don’t be SAD

Anyone interested in a little ‘sunshine’?

I bought this LITE PAD to take back to the UK with me during the winter months.

As you can  see it is in working order apart from one tiny bulb.

2013-01-23 16.46.57

2013-01-23 16.48.34And this is what it looks like switched off.

It has an instruction leaflet but it is fairly self explanatory. It has a timer if you want to set it come on and kid yourself that the sun is shining in your bedroom.

Plus there are 6 sounds that can accompany you to sleep…possibly. I prefer silence but if you fancy birdsong, a brook,crickets,ocean, heartbeat or water drops…they are all here.

It is very lightweight. The plug weighs more.

I don’t use it now as I manage to get the real thing on average every two weeks.

I paid 70€ for it and I am open to offers.




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